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How to Use Dermacos Skin Polish Step by Step

How to Use Dermacos Skin Polish Step by Step

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How to Polish Skin at Home

Today's details about Skin Polish and the method of  Skin PolishFirst of all, we need to know what face polish is and why it is important . Facial polish brightens or refreshes the skin.

If someone doesn't want to bleach or facial, he can  Skin PolishAlways remember this thing, when  Skin Polish is there, neither you have to bleach nor facial . Girls who don't like bleach, they do Skin Polish.

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Benefit Facial Polish 

  •  This skin exfoliates, has bright and glowy effect
  •  Skin Polish makes the skin soft along with the skin neat.
  •  Her skin has dark spots, spots, light.
  •  The skin gets brighter, means the skin gets polished and glowing.
  •  The dead layer is removed.

Age Duration 

Skin Polish can start from 18+, women of age can do it once in a month  And most importantly. Facial polish is used for acne, pimples, acne or skin damage.


Skin Polish kit is available in the market which contains all these products and their benefits are also there. Must note it .

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Dermacos Skin Polish Steps

1.   Cleanser 

Cleansing milk removes dirt, oil and impurities from your skin. Without cleansing bleach or face polish result is not good, so cleaner is necessary before bleach or Skin Polish

2.   Accelerater   

3.   Developer  (It lights up the facial hair of your skin like bleach)

4    Booster  (It reduces the dullness of the skin, your skin gets one light, bright and glowy. Skin gives a younger look)

5.   Soothing Lotion  (Skin irritation, allergy or redness)

6.   Skin Shinner  (It gives shiny look on skin and also moisturize skin)

7.   Mask   (Skin is hydrated and glow comes)

8.   Toner  (Pores are minimized )

Skin polish contains total 8 things and the benefits of these are told to you side by side Different brands of face polish are available in the market.

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Some brands give complete kits and some get products in 2 Accelerator and blonder for other products you have to take interference separately.

Today we are going to teach you Dermacos Skin Polish which is herbal and the result is very out class and budget friendly.

Dermacos Skin Polish Products

You get 7 products in this face polish

  • Cleanser
  • Developer 
  • Vol 20 Accelerater 
  • Skin Shiner
  • Booster
  • Soothing Lotion
  • Toner

And if you have a parlour then one polish can charge 1000 and it will easily add 10 to 12 faces, then your face polish will also be earned and your earning up to 10k, along with that the result is the best.

To polish this facial, first make the client wear apron and the headband is applied to the client's hair.

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Dermacos Skin Polish Steps

Step 1  Cleanser
Step 2  Making Skin Polish
Step 3  Mask
Step 4  Toner

How to Make Dermacos Skin Polish

Step 1  Cleanser 

First of all, take Cleansing Milk close to 1tbsp and send a face neck massage Clean with a wet sponge after 7 to 8 minutes of cleaning .

Step 2  Making Skin Polish

Now I have to take a clean plastic bowl and spoon. Don't use steel spoon at all because it is included in carbon particles bleach which harm the skin.

Now include all these products to make face polish in the bowl quantity is also mentioned.

  • Accelerater ______1/2 tbsp.
  • Booster____1/2 tbsp.
  • DeveloperVol2_____1 tbsp.
  • Soothing lotion ______1 tsp
  • Skin shinner_____1/2 tsp
  • Milk powder 1tsp

Mix them all properly

How to Make Dermacos Skin Polish

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Leave it for 15 minutes by applying it from face to neck and ear. In the duration of skin polish, if the skin is irritated, clean it immediately before time  . Face polish has to be cleaned with wet sponge.

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Step 3 Mask

Now apply any good mood mask after drying your face, clean it after the mask is dry  . After mask.

How to Make Dermacos Skin Polish

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Step 4 Toner

Apply toner on your skin and absorb . Apart from Dermacos Skin Polish

How to Make Dermacos Skin Polish

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We also have Skin  polish Products available:

Keune Skin PolishDerma Skin Polish , Wella Whitening Skin Polish24k Gold Skin Polish,  Dew Herbal Skin Polish , Janssen Skin polish , Saeed Ghani Skin Polish, Vitamin C ace Polish & Dermacos Skin Polish Hand & Feet 

The result of this is also amazing. There are also many face polish and face polish kits available in the market, I am telling you in some names.

Soft touch Skin Polish ,  Derma Clear  be like this derma is the best  Danby's .

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