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How to Use Dermacos Skin Polish Hand & Feet

Skin Polish at Home

How to Use Dermacos Skin Polish Hand & Feet facial steps review  & skin shiner price in Pakistan. how to use skin polishing method cream steps in urdu at home

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How to Use Skin Polish Cream

1.    Dermacos Facial blond activator 3 tbsp
2.    Dermacos Facial blond brightener 2 and half tbsp
3.    Dermacos Oxygen skin glow 1tbsp
4.    Soothing lotion half tbsp
5.    Booster 1tsp
6.    Dermacos ampoule 3 or 4 drops

Mix everything with a brush in a face bowl.

Now we need these things:
1.     Facial Sponge

2.     Bowl and Brush

3.     Towel

4.    Dermacos Cucumber Cleanser

5.   Dermacos Clay Mask


First of all, use Dermacos Cleanser Cleansing in a circular motion for 5 to 7 minutes Then wipe the wet sponge clean.

Same Process

After that, I will start the massage of feet like this, massage on the top of the feet below, 5 to 7 minutes, then clean it with wet sponge.
Now apply the polish made before the help of brush on hands and on feet and double coat on joints and dark areas. Leave it for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, clean the polish with wet sponge and wash your hands and feet properly and then dry with the help of towel. After drying, now apply mask on hands, have to apply thin layer, not too fat, now after this apply mask on feet also, same way.

When the mask is dry, wash your hands and feet properly. Our Dermacos Skin Polish Hand & Feet is complete. Now apply a good moisturizer on hand feet.
Dermacos brand is the most used in parlors because it is very good for sensitive skin, and the result is also very good. Dermacos bleach is easily available in the market.

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