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Korean Skincare Routine Step by Step

Korean Skincare Routine Step by Step
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Today how to get an easy four-step Korean  Skincare Routine have you ever wondered why there are so many steps to a Korean  Skincare Routine well .

I'm tell  to break it down to you today there's only four moments you need to remember.

4 Step Korean Skin Care

1.    Cleanse

2.     Hydrate  (Serum )

3.    Focus  (Toners)

4.    Moisturize

Korean Skincare Routine Day and Night

What makes Korean Skincare Routine . Sunique are the innovations that elevate what can be expected or achieved by skin care complementary steps have been created to make each moment more complete and impactful .

In This Article

Step 1 Cleaning

Korean Skincare Routine Step by Step

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i)  Double cleansing    ii)  Exfoliate    iii)  Purifying Mask

Double cleansing is a super important step that's often misunderstood.

There's two different types of Impurities:-.

Oil-based impurities which includes :

i)  Oil-Based =SPF , Makeup , Excess Sebum

Impurities air-based impurities which includes:-.  :

ii) Air-Based =  Dirt , Dust ,  Pollution and Sweat

That you get from every day just being outside 

 Double Cleanser

The first step to your double cleanse routine is an oil-based cleanser an oil-based cleanser THE FACE SHOP Rice Water Bright Rich Cleansing Light Oil removes any oil-based impurities that your cleansing foam can't remove that's why you also follow up with your cleansing foam that removes any air based impurities .

Step 2 Serum 

Korean Skincare Routine Step by Step
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Double Cleansing is  
COSRX Snail Mucin 96% Power Repairing Essence Skin Repair Serum our signature product first care at first step  ingredient for enhanced moisturization. It instantly soothes damaged skin and delivers moisture deep into your skin. Perfect for dehydrated and damaged skin. . 

This unique post cleanse serum is meant to be applied right after you cleanse your skin even before any waters or toners the formula targets six different visible signs of your skin including hydration brightness radiance and wrinkles.

Step 3 Toners

Korean Toners= Hydration , Not Astringents

Korean Skincare Routine Step by Step

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 innovative step unlike traditional astringents Korean toners also known as waters are meant to replenish hydration back to your skin . So this step is especially important right after you cleanse or exfoliate.

The focus step is where you find Serums 

Serum =     Ampoules ,   Boosters

Serums intensely target visible concerns including brightness and firming.

Step 4 Moisturizer

Korean Skincare Routine Step by Step

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The final moisture step is where you ensure your investment is protected it can come in a Moisturizer it can be an eye cream it can even be an overnight sleeping mask a good moisturizer can have many different benefits it can complement.

Your serums it locks in moisture seals in your entire Korean Skincare Routine and also strengthens your skin's moisture barrier your moisture barrier is what protects your skin from environmental aggressors it's what gives you that youthful plump and bouncy look to your skin environmental factors sun and lifestyle can all come together to weaken your moisture barrier over time .

So it's important to strengthen it every day anyone can adjust their Korean Skincare Routine based on their needs or skin concerns but first things COSRX Snail Mucin 96% Power Repairing Essence Skin Repair Serum is the most important step to make sure your skin is balanced and glowing.

Today hope it was helpful and you learned a lot about how to achieve your Korean  Skincare Routine .

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