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Party Makeup for Mehndi/Mayun Bridal Makeup in Pakistani Function

Our Favorite Mehndi/ Mayun  Bridal  Makeup Looks for Party makeup. Check this blog for Pakistani Mehndi Occasion.
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First of all, we know what we want for the Party Makeup for Mehndi Makeup look...Not Every Simple Mehndi bridal Makeup wants a makeup artist to paint their face on her wedding day. 

As with anything wedding-related, doing your own makeup just takes careful planning and a little practice to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible on the Pakistani Occasion.

Mehndi Bridal Makeup 


 1-     Eye Shade Palette

 2-      Highlighter

 3-      Blush On

 4-      Loose Powder or Setting Powder

 5-      Foundation or BB Cream

 6-      Lipsticks

 7-      Concealer

 8-      Contour Stick or Palette

 9-      Liner Mascara & Lashes

10-     Ponds BB Cream  ( light coverage is best bb cream) 

11-     Loreal BB Cream is best for ( combination skin and normal to dry 

skin but not for good oily skin )  and face brighter is  best.

Mehndi/ Mayun  Bridal Foundation Names :

1-  South Asians the  TV Paint Stick.

2-  Mac studio fix foundation (  full coverage + doll look base )

3-  Too face born this way foundation oil free foundation .

4-  Revlon color stay foundation and photography is best foundation 

mostly artist and  also use to salon .

5-  Fenty beauty foundation best for heavy coverage.

6- Luscious cosmetic stick creamy foundation and your  skin is look  

smoothly best for  Bridal/ Party makeup base.

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Mehndi Bridal Makeup Step by Step

Step 1

  The first step is to apply the primer on your face with light finger tapping. If the skin is oily then apply oil free gel primer. If it is dry then apply creamy primer.

Step 2
  After the primer, add a few drops of Gold Liquid Highlighter or a few drops of Gold Serum to your BB Cream and apply it. It will make your face look brighter.

Step 3

     Concealing under eyes with a blender.

Step 4

   Now apply your setting powder or loose powder lightly on the face and neck with the help of a brush. 

Then spray the make-up fixer and dry it with a blender. By tapping, the base is very set.

 Step 5

    Now fill and set the eyebrows with light medium brown eyebrow gel and then mix light brown + light pink shade with eyeshade palette and apply V shape on the outer corner of the brush .

Step 6

   Now take the golden light shade from the palette and apply it on the lid with fingerprint tape, then apply the glitter light golden shade with the finger on the eyelids, then apply a thin liner and glue on the lashes, wait a few seconds and place it on the middle.

Press and set with a light brown shade on the lower lash line and smile.

Step 7

  Now whistle your lips to contour the checks with light powder brown bronzer then apply blush on the checks of light pink natural shade then highlight the check bone with light golden.

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Step 8

   Now apply the first peach lipstick in the last that if you apply light pink shade lipstick on it then it will become a very sweet lipstick shade and after full makeup again makeup fixer Spray...

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