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Engagement Makeup Look

Engagement Look for Bride

1. Skin treatment is to be taken?

2.  What is the Engagement  makeup trend?

3. What is the Engagement  makeup hairstyle?


For the Engagement Makeup Simple, you must take two treatments one day before or two days before your engagement day. Number Facial treatment and number wax treatment.

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In wax treatment you can do bean wax at home yourself __ Mix bean wax in pro wax heater and apply a thin layer to remove hair easily and when it is dry, peel off and remove it in opposite direction.

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Simple eye Makeup Look for engagement  party bridal  and hairstyle image for Pakistani  girl &  anaysa makeup tutorial
 Re-create image : Canva 

Engagement Makeup and Hairstyle

Soft Peach Makeup.... Soft Pink Makeup... Smoky Eye Makeup inn.... Soft Pastel Eyeshade with Glittery tones now a days most inn & famous Half curl hair in hairstyle is many which are punished with beads or flowers along with curls hair. you are enough for this much knowledge for you you.

Now here first of all we have to do eye makeup of engagement bride in gown for which we have to follow very easy few steps by steps:


After filling the eyebrows with your dark brown shade, concealer has to be put down on the eyebrows and finishing by mixing the concealer with the brush.


After mixing the concealer, now from outer corner to inner corner, on the crease line, snaked weddings have to be installed with Huda nude palette, then on such a wedding, love bite dark weddings have to be roamed roundly with brush.

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Now you have to make eye shape with concealer under the crease line of your bride and then apply light golden shimmery on eye ball.


Now Eye Makeup for engagement I have to make a shape from pink shade on the outer corner and make a wing shape from black shade, then I have to apply a thin layer of liner on the eye and liner on the black shade wing and I have to make a shape on the inner eye corner as well. See this time of se take way bride.


At last I have to apply for Kajal inside my eyes. Here engagement bride's eye makeup was completed in few steps. Now here after eye makeup we have to follow the steps of full face makeup.


First of all, before applying bride foundation, you have to moisturize the bride's skin with any serum or moisturizer . To make the best engagement bride's base, you can use Indian base and any good liquid. Base too __ Now after moisturizing the skin, apply foundation with face neck brush and blend it well with blender .

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Now after foundation, we have to highlight our bride's skin with light concealer shade by applying forehead, nose , under eye area, upper lips and lower lips, concealer with beauty blender Then you have to contour your bride's liquid or powder brown shade with contour brush to forehead, chin area of nose and cheek bone.


After contouring "" now you have to apply pink blush on while taking them from jaw line to ear bone, to give the blush a natural look, put them on the bride's forehead, chin with light after blush on your sliver highlighter I want to put the bride cheeks bone, nose bone, forehead, upper lips.

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After HIGHLIGHTER "" now I have to apply fake lashes of Al-e-bride. Put it in the middle of the eye and press it on the full eye and then apply pink lipstick of my bride after applying lashes.

Simple eye Makeup Look for engagement  party bridal  and hairstyle image for Pakistani  girl &  anaysa makeup tutorial
Image Source: Unsplash


After lipstick , now take out your bride's beach mango and pin-up it properly and make loose puff from both sides and pinup the hair behind
You are here our engagement bride is ready.

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