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  You need to make this cream include:-.

1-    Cucumber Juice
2-    Milk, Honey
3-    Mullet Powder
4-    Peel a Cucumber and Squeeze out a quarter of it
5-    Add Four Meals
6-    A Tablespoon of Milk
7-    A Tablespoon of Honey 
8-    Two tablespoons of Mullet Powder and mix

Now apply this mixture on your hands, face, neck or any part of the body with the help of a brush and dry it. In about 15 minutes this cream will be dry then soak a cotton ball in cold water and gently scrub it. When the scrub is complete, wash with cold water.

The function of this cream is also to cleanse the skin by removing dirt and dead cells.

Today we have shown you the method of two types of whitening creams, one for smooth and normal and the other for dry and sensitive skin.

Now you can choose the cream according to your skin and fulfill the dream of fair complexion. 


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