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Kerem Bürsin Biography! Girlfriend! Wife! Age! Instagram

Kerem Bürsin

Kerem Bürsin–Biography

Full Name:                   Kerem Bürsin  

Nick Name:                  “Dimitry”

Gender:                          Male

Birth Place:                   Istanbul, Turkey

Date of Birth:                Born on June 4, 1987

Birth Day:                      Thursday

Age:                               35 years old (in 2022) 

Zodiac Sign:                 Gemini ♊

Zodiac Animal:             Rabbit 

Profession:                   Actor / Model / Producer / Theatre Artist

Religion:                        Islam

Nationality:                   Turkish 

Residence:                   Istanbul, Turkey & Texas, United States     

Years Active:                2015 – Present

Languages:                 Turkish (Native), English (Native), French (Beginner)

Kerem Bürsin Autographs:


Kerem Bürsin Social Media Profile Links

Instagram:       Kerem Bürsin Instagram Official  

Instagram:       10.9M Followers

Kerem Bursin Hashtag Instagram

#kerembursin     #bursin    #thebursin     #keremhande

He has over 10.9 million followers on his Instagram account.

kerem bürsin Instagram Statistics

kerem bürsin Instagram Statistics

kerem bürsin Instagram Statistics

Twitter:            KeremBürsin Twitter Official 

Twitter:             671.8K   Followers

Kerem Bursin Twitter Hashtag

#kerembürsin    #kerembursin   #kerembürşin   #kerem


Facebook:     Kerem Bürsin Facebook Official

Facebook:       1.5M   Followers  

She has a strong social media influence with over 10.9 million Instagram followers and more than 1.5M  followers on Facebook.

Official Website:

Kerem Bursin Contact:  Actor Management: @gunfer 🇹🇷 @_roaringtalents 🇪🇸


 Height, Weight & Physical Stats

Body Measurements:                      41-40-39

Body type:                                          Athletic      

Height:                                                5 Feet 9

Weight:                                               72 kg

Ethnicity                                             White

Skin type:                                            Fair

Sexuality:                                            Straight

Hair Color:                                          Light Brown

Eye Color:                                           Light brown

Distinctive Features:                        Sharp jawline, Toned physique

Eyes Shape:                                       Downturned Eyes

Face Shape:                                       Oval Face 

Lip Shape:                                          Thin Lips

Shoe Size:                                           N/A


Kerem Bürsin Education

School: High School  in Texas

Qualification: He graduated in Communication and Marketing with Public Relations at Emerson College in Boston. 

 Studied Acting/ TRAINING

After that, he took his acting class. He also studied acting for 2 years with Carolyn Pickman and Eric Morris. 


Kerem Bürsin Family

Father:      Pamir Bürsin       

His father is an engineer, and a senior manager in an international oil company.   

kerem bürsin father
 Kerem Bürsin Father

Mother:     Çiğdem Bürsin  

 She is a housewife but now she is a  social worker.

kerem bürsin mother
 Kerem Bürsin Mother


 Siblings/Sister Name:    Melis Bürsin  

kerem bürsin sister
 Kerem Bürsin Sister

Kerem bursin has an older Sister. She is a photographer (check her works She wrote a book for kids ( She lives in Canada with her son & husband.

Instagram:       Melis Bürsin Instagram Official  

Instagram:        99.7K Followers

melis bürsin family
Melis Bürsin Family

Kerem Bursin Wedding:                   No      

 Kerem Bursin Wife Name:             No


Marital Status:                                Single/ Unmarried

Best Friend:                                  Mattmcgorry / Jessefleece 

Kerem Bürsin friend
Kerem Bürsin Friend

Currently Dating:                         Hande Erçel

Breakup: The combine went on to confirm their romance in April 2021 while they were on vacation within the Maldives. However, the combine quietly went their separate ways in which at the start of this year.

kerem bürsin and hande erçel
kerem bürsin and hande erçel


Past Relationships / Girlfriend:  :  

Kerem Bürsin has dated: 

) Yagmur Tanrisevsin ( 2014)

2) Serenay Sarikaya (in the year 2015 & broke up in the year 2019)

3) in the year 2020, it was rumored that he was saying the Turkish actress Demet Ozdemir


Kerem Bürsin Favorites

Favorite Season:                         Summer

Favorite Sport:                             Bodybuilding                

Favorite Foods:                           Guacamole & Turkish foods.     

The Food  he dislikes:                Okra and leek

Coffee:                                          Plain

Green Tea:                                   With Lemon or Sweetener

Favorite Colors:                          White & Black

Favorite Football Team:            Galatasaray F.C. 

Hobbies:  Horseback riding, Swimmer, American Football, Weight Training (NASM Certified/Training for Warriors Certified), Basketball, Tennis, Lacrosse

Turkish Series: He watched together with his mother within the past an Istanbul Tale.


Tattoo(s):  Kerem has a sentence written in perpetual black ink on his forearm. They are some words in the Ottoman language, it’s a poem by Rumi and means “you either be as seem or seem as you are”.

Kerem Bürsin Tattoo
Kerem Bürsin Tattoo

Favorite Actor:      Daniel Day-Lewis, Emre Kinay         

Favorite Bands:    Creedence Clearwater Revival, Mumford & Sons

Car Collection:      BMW 7 Series, Audi Q3

Pet Animal:            He has a dog

The most intolerable thing:         Disrespect

Dislike subject in  School:           Science


My Favorite Superhero:               Wolverine

Discovered by:                           Roger Corman

Local Language: Australian, British (Cockney, Irish, Proper English, Scottish), New York, Russian, Southern American.

Kerem Bürsin Quotes: "Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being." – Kevin Kruse.


 Kerem Bürsin Workout

Kerem Bürsin Workout
Kerem Bürsin Workout

 Kerem Bürsin Childhood Pic

Kerem Bürsin Childhood Pic
Kerem Bürsin Childhood Pic
Kerem Bürsin Childhood Pic

Kerem Bürsin Young

Kerem Bürsin Young
Kerem Bürsin Young

Kerem Bürsin Young

Kerem Bürsin Career

Kerem Bürsin is a Turkish Male Actor. Kerem Bürsin spent his childhood on the move and was raised internationally living in seven different countries. 

Every year in the summer holidays comes to his grandmother in Turkey. After years of living an ex-pat, life he and his family settled in Sugar Land, Texas.

Kerem Bürsin always wanted to be an Actor. But he had another dream. He wished to open his own production company. once he was in college he draw his production company's logo. Later once he came to Istanbul he opened a production company. His production company @bravebornfilms


Kerem Bürsin follows each Hollywood-Turkish production and prefers to use both English and Turkish languages in acting.

Net Worth:  $ 4 – 5 million Approx


Kerem Bürsin Drama List

Year             Title                                                Role

2013         Güneşi Beklerken                         Kerem Sayer/Güneş Sayer

2014         Ulan İstanbul                                         Yiğit Kılıç

2014−2015 Şeref                                                        Meselesi

2017         Bu Şehir Arkandan Gelecek          Ali Smith

2018−2019 Muhteșem İkili                                  Mustafa Kerim Can

2020-2021 Aynen Aynen                                           Deniz

2020−2021 Sen Çal Kapımı                                   Serkan Bolat


Kerem Bürsin Movies 

Year         Title                                                Role

2006         Thursday                                    Grauss

2007         Strawberry Melancholy            Travis

2010         Wendigo                                     Andy

2010               Sharktopus                                     Andy Flynn

2013         Palace of the Damned             Adam

2014         Unutursam Fısılda                     Erhan

2018         İyi Oyun                                             Ferhat

2018         Can Feda                                     Onur   Keskin

2020          Eflatun                                            Oflaz


Kerem Bürsin Netflix

Sen Cal Kapimi is on Netflix with a fast VPN. Sen Çal Kapimi, also known as Love is in the Air(محبت ہوا میں ہے) and You Knock on My Door.

Yaşayamayanlar is on Netflix with a fast VPN in 2018. Bürsin was cast in the leading role of "Dmitry" in Yaşayamayanlar.  

Short Films

Year         Title                             Role

2006         Rozar Man                     Macalester

2007         The Architect             Craig Belmont

2008         Killian                             Lennox



  1. Harold's Fall
  2. Mariner
  3. The Music Man
  4. Fiddler on The Roof
  5. All out

Kerem Bürsin as Producer

  • Kiss of Death
  • Kelebekler
  • Yaşamayanlar

 Kerem Bürsin Awards

  • Promising Youg Actor
  • GQ Men of the Year 2014

Brand Endorsements

  • Mavi Jeans  (with Serenay Sarıkaya)
  • Nescafe
  • H&M
  • Turkcell Superonline
  • Line  (with Gürbey Ileri and Kadir Doğulu)
  • Garanti Bank  (with Baris Arduç)
  • Lipton (with Hande Dogandemir)
  •  X BMW

Kerem Bürsin – Commercial

 Kerem Bürsin Interview



Cover of a Few Magazines

Kerem Bürsin Cover of a few Magazines
Kerem Bürsin Cover of a few Magazines

Kerem Bürsin Cover of a few Magazines
Kerem Bürsin Cover of a few Magazines

Kerem Bürsin Cover of a few Magazines
Kerem Bürsin Cover of a few Magazines
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